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How I Gained 100 Instagram Followers in a Week

How to gain followers on Instragram

I've been working hard on growing my Instagram following lately. Back in April I decided that I was going to post a photo every day and have managed to do so. But I won't lie, some days it has been a struggle! Even so, I have managed to build up my following from just over a hundred followers to currently 618 followers, and have gained 100 of those followers in the previous week. So, here are my top tips to help you focus on your Instagram following too.

How to gain 100 followers on instagram

Follow Others Back

Yep, when I first started out on Instagram, I didn't always pay attention to who had followed me and who I followed back. This resulted in a decline in the number of followers I had as people became uninterested. Make sure you follow people back, but only if you are happy with what their page has to offer and want to keep them as an Instagram friend. Some people unfortunately like to play the follow/unfollow game, which is where they follow you until you follow back and then unfollow you again... Yes, it's sad but true! Which leads me onto my next point...

Track Your Followers

Now, this step is optional of course, and you need to be mega careful about which apps you use as some can get you banned from Instagram. However, I feel that using an Instagram tracker app has helped me to target those people who follow you just until you follow them back. I currently use Followers Pro for Instagram which has been fantastic and allowed me to look at trends on graphs as well as track those pesky unfollowers. However, it has recently been updated and no longer allows you to access all of those handy features for free. So I am on the hunt for something new! There are plenty of apps out there, I just need to find the right one. (Let me know if you come across another great app!) There is a need to be wary of apps that allow you to buy followers though as Instagram is getting good at detecting such apps and will ban your account if they find you have been using them and I can't stress this enough!

Actively Find New Followers

So! Instead of buying fake followers who won't interact with your content, start looking for new and very real followers. I usually look at my current followers' list of followers as they will usually know people with similar interests. Look for people who have been recently active and are likely to follow back. By this, I mean take a look at the number of followers as well the number of people they are following. If the number of followers greatly outweighs the number of people they are following, I usually steer clear as it is unlikely they will remain a loyal follower. This is probably a harsh habit of mine, but currently it's the only way I can find genuine people!
 How to gain 100 followers on instagram

Be Sociable

Sounds silly, doesn't it? But at the beginning I actually forgot that Instagram was a social media app... The more I liked and commented on my followers' posts, the more likes and comments I got in return. Did you know that if one of your followers likes your post, it will show up on the 'Explore' page of their followers' accounts? This is obviously great news when trying to reach out to a wider audience. Be careful not to over do it though... I recently got 'banned' from liking any posts as I double tapped way too many, which triggered Instagram to block my account. I managed to sort it out, but just bear this in mind.

Make Use of Hashtags

Without hashtags, my content probably wouldn't get half the amount of likes as it does currently. Hashtags help to group photos by topic. For example, if I wanted to look up photos of products from the makeup brand Anastasia Beverly Hills, I would type '#anastasiabeverlyhills' in the search bar and voila! Millions of photos are displayed. To help me sift through those results, I would become more specific, for example, I would type '#abhmodernrenaissance' to narrow down my search and find posts on my current favourite palette by ABH rather than just every product. The same goes for your own posts. To help people find your photos, you need to be using general hashtags as well as more specific ones. Also take a look at the related hashtags along the top of the screen to help you choose relevant ones to use for your post. Don't forget, you can use 30 hashtags per post! Make sure to change your hashtags for each photo so that you can reach new audiences.

Be Consistent

It is sometimes hard, but try posting consistently, whether it be once or twice a day. Being consistent means that your current followers will maintain interest, whilst new followers will discover your page. Some choose to stick to a certain theme when posting photos, but I felt this limited my posts and almost drained the enjoyment out of posting on Instagram. Now I just make sure my photos are bright and appealing to the eye, which has freed me up to post about makeup, travel, fashion and all things in between!

How to gain 100 followers on instagram

The next part I need to tackle is using Insta Stories more often. I often forget to update my stories, but that's just who I am; I'm more about living the moment in person than documenting it for social media!

Do you have any tips for using Instagram?


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